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Gikondo is a area in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda. The nursery school provides education and care for children of families of minorities in Kigali and poor families that live in the neighbourhood. The school holds a baby-class for the youngest, a middle-class and a top-class for the eldest students. The nursery school prepares the children for their primary education, which starts at the age of seven in Rwanda.  

Rulindo is a large district North of Kigali. The primary school of APPR lies in one of the more remote rural areas of the country that is difficult to reach because of its mountainous terrain. The school consists of two long buildings containing class rooms, the office of the director and a small file storage room. Seperate classes are given in the morning or the afternoon and are available for the families residing in the surrounding villages. 

The Batwa people are scattered al over Rwanda and are estimated 1% on a population approaching 10 million inhabitants. The pictures of this community are taken in Rulindo in a village near the primary school. A small community of approximately 40 famillies survive through the handicraft of traditional pottery which they sell for a few hundred Rwandese Francs, providing them merely in their primary needs. These people can be categorized as landless and have no livestock of their own.